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Perkins High School Golf Coach Wins Mevo in GolfWRX Giveaway

03 July 2018

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FlightScope recently partnered with GolfWRX for a mevo giveaway to one lucky entrant explaining why he or she wanted the product and how it would be used. The winner, Tim Zapadka of Sandusky, Ohio, is going into his fourth season as Perkins High School’s Golf Coach, and says the mevo will be extremely useful for…

Logo of Golf WRX which recently published player data taken from a FlightScope golf launch monitor for analysis.

Ryann O’Toole’s actual FlightScope “screenshots” from the LPGA CME Group Titleholders

22 November 2011

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On the Golfwrx forum screenshots taken from an Ipad, connected to a FlightScope golf launch monitor, have been uploaded. The data comes from some shots played at the LPGA show and are being discussed in the forum.