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Logo of SportTechie which interviewed FlightScope CEO Henri Johnson about FlightScope launch monitors.

Exclusive Interview with CEO Henri Johnson

07 January 2014

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The list of athletic communities that match golf’s enthusiasm for tech is, at best, humble. The ability to motivate and engage the audience tied to those communities is the fuel for progress… and in this area, golf is supreme. The tech advances earning a place on the course are not, unlike other sports, limited strictly…

Logo of which did a feature of family-friendly activities like golf.

10 Sports to pick up as a family – Ways you can exercise and bond with the kids

08 October 2013

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Henri Johnson, CEO of FlightScope Ltd., was published on recently. The short article describes how golf can be extremely beneficial to your family life.

Photo of FlightScope CEO Henri Johnson being asked about FlightScope launch monitors at the 2012 Orlando PGA Merchandise Show.

Interview with Henri Johnson, CEO of EDH and inventor of the FlightScope golf launch monitor

24 May 2012

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Russ Ryden, a long time FlightScope user, discusses the FlightScope Launch Monitor with Henri at the 2012 Orlando PGA Merchandise Show. They touch on the technology, angle of attack tracking, validation and new products.


Henri Johnson, FlightScope’s CEO, interviews Sandra Gal

06 February 2012

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Henri Johnson talks to Sandra Gal about how she uses her X2 golf launch monitor in her practise sessions and the different manners it has helped her.

Logo of Golf WRX which interviewed FlightScope CEO Henri Johnson about FlightScope golf launch monitors.

An interview with the founder of FlightScope

06 December 2011

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For even the best golfers, it’s often difficult to understand what makes one round of golf better than another. That might be one of the reason golfers are relying so heavily on numbers to analyze their games. Statistics like “greens in regulation,” “fairways hit,” and “up and downs” are tools golfers can use to monitor their progress. But they’re not perfect measurements. How many times have you hit a good drive that made its way into the second cut of the fairway, or struck a great iron shot that just rolled into the fringe? Often, a great putt bails out a poor chip, and vice versa. How do you measure that?

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