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Video of Todd Kolb demonstrating how to use FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers to improve swing and maximize distance.

US Golf TV – Hitting a Draw with FlightScope

03 November 2015

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PGA Teaching Professional, Todd Kolb, shares tips on how to use FlightScope to constantly improve swing and maximize distance. By analyzing a golfer’s angle of attack, club path, and face to target, Todd can fully understand what’s happening right at the moment of impact. He shows golfers how to hit up on the driver to draw…

Logo of FlightScope Academy which teaches users how to use its launch monitors / golf ball trackers for club fitting and golf lessons.

FlightScope Launching Revamped Academy at the PGA Merchandise Show

09 December 2014

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FlightScope is launching a revamped academy for 2015. ORLANDO, Fla. – December 5, 2014 – FlightScope®, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D Doppler ball tracking monitors, golf radars and launch monitors for sports, today announces its revamped 2015 FlightScope Academy. Kicking off 2015 at the PGA Merchandise Show, FlightScope’s instructional program…

Logo of the Independent Golf Review which demonstrated how to use FlightScope launch monitors for club fitting.

Independent golf review of the FlightScope X2 fitting tool

27 November 2013

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Independent Golf Review recently did an analysis of the fitting tool they use for testing different clubs. In the article the pros and cons of using the FlightScope X2, as a club fitting tool, are discussed. One of the cons mentioned is the inability of  the normal golfer to afford an X2. FlightScope has rectified…

3D animated video promoting the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

3D Animation of X2

03 February 2012

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3D-animation of X2 (360° rotation video)

Photo of Leaderboard CEO showing how FlightScope golf launch monitors can be used for club fitting.

CEO of Leaderboard club fitted on a FlightScope

06 January 2012

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Custom club fitting with an X2 – British video

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