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Photo of Richard Conragan explaining the FlightScope golf launch monitors' Smash Factor feature.

Richard Conragan 1/4

21 October 2011

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Richard Conragan Describes why he thinks FlightScope is the Best Golf Launch Monitor

PGA Professional Joseph Laurentino using a FlightScope golf launch monitor to track game data.

Joseph Laurentino

05 October 2011

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Joseph Laurentino on 12 News

Photo from an event where FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers were exhibited.

David Nel

31 January 2011

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David Nel’s video demo of the X2 Golf Launch Monitor

FlightScope Team explaining the FlightScope launch monitor's electronic golf ball tracking technology.

FlightScope Prime Demo 1/3

24 August 2010

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FlightScope 3D Doppler Explanation at the PGA Fall Expo 2010 Tradeshow

Photo of the FlightScope Prime being exhibited at the PGA Fall Expo 2010

FlightScope Prime Demo 3/3

23 August 2010

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FlightScope Prime at PGA Fall Expo 2010’s Demo Day (Part 2 of 2)

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