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FlightScope adds Pro Package to Mevo+ tracking radar

23 February 2022

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FlightScope is launching the Mevo+ Pro Package add-on option for its Mevo+ tracking radar at this week’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. Here’s everything you need to know: WHAT STANDS OUT: The Mevo+ is an advanced indoor and outdoor tracking radar and golf simulator that offers 16 data parameters, golf course simulation and customizable…

Otto: Bridgestone’s Autonomous Ball-Fitting Machine

17 February 2022

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OTTO: BRIDGESTONE’S AUTONOMOUS BALL-FITTING MACHINE: KEY TAKEAWAYS – OTTO is Bridgestone’s new ball-fitter on wheels. – OTTO leverages 15 years of Bridgestone ball-fitting data and a proprietary algorithm. – Walk-up use at a driving range or indoor facility – Free to use Say hello to OTTO, Bridgestone’s autonomous ball-fitting machine. He’s new, he’s unique, he…

Get to know Mevo+ Webinar

15 May 2020

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FlightScope recently held a Mevo+ Webinar. It covered topics such as the difference between Mevo and Mevo+, how to use the Mevo+ properly, its Golf Simulator capabilities and a number of other topics. Click the button below to view a list of FlightScope’s upcoming events or to watch some of the past events.

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