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Photo showing how data from Flightscope launch monitors / golf ball trackers can be used for golf practice and lessons.

Great video of Scott Mahlberg on how he utilizes his FlightScope Technology

14 September 2012

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Scott Mahlberg talks about how he uses his FlightScope golf launch monitor to fine tune his clients’ golf game.

Logo of Scott Mahlberg who uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

Scott Mahlberg, PGA Director of Instruction at Stadium Golf Center, uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor

22 May 2012

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Stadium Golf Center, situated in San Diego and a recent addition to “Find a FlightScope near you” map, uses their 3D launch monitor as a teaching aid primarily. Scot Mahlberg has consistently been ranked among the top 50 golf instructors in California by “Golf Digest”. A PGA Teacher of the Year, Scott has worked with beginners, intermediate and low handicap players and accomplished juniors and professionals.