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Logo of Me and MyGolf which recently did some challenges with the help of the FlightScope VX2 app.

The MEANDMYGOLF team having some fun on a FlightScope launch monitor

15 September 2014

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The pair recently did some creative skills challenges on FlightScope’s VX2 application. In this challenge they emulate a hammer thrower on the tee and use FlightScope’s golf ball tracker to determine the winner. MEANDMYGOLF’s website has some great instructional content and their Youtube channel is very entertaining. Follow the link below for some more FlightScope videos.

Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen discussing the FlightScope launch monitor's complementary Skills app.

FlightScope skills assessment review by Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen

26 June 2012

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Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen talks about and demonstrates the new Skills Assessment software, they also look at ways on how to utilize it in teaching facilities.