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New Updated FlightScope Launch Monitor App Now Available

13 April 2012

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FlightScope has released the latest version of its IPAD app for the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor. The app allows FlightScope X2 users to operate their 3D launch monitors with Apple mobile devices with no requirement for a PC. The app is available for download on Apple’s App Store.

Logo of Swing Catalyst which can be integrated with the FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

Swing Catalyst integrates with FlightScope

09 December 2011

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Swing Catalyst is a user-friendly video analysis software that seamlessly integrates all the data from your FlightScope unit. Swing Catalyst allows you to instantly view the FlightScope data with the video images of the swing. The data is automatically stored with each individual swing in a single file. This way you can easily track improvements over time.

Screencap showing sample data from the FlightScope PC software V6.

FlightScope v6.0.6 Software

04 November 2011

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A new version of the FlightScope software has been released – Version 6.0.6.