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Video of Todd Kolb demonstrating how to use FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers to improve swing and maximize distance.

US Golf TV – Hitting a Draw with FlightScope

03 November 2015

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PGA Teaching Professional, Todd Kolb, shares tips on how to use FlightScope to constantly improve swing and maximize distance. By analyzing a golfer’s angle of attack, club path, and face to target, Todd can fully understand what’s happening right at the moment of impact. He shows golfers how to hit up on the driver to draw…

Video explaining the features of the FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker VX2 app.

VX2 FlightScope App – Quick Overview

30 July 2014

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A video demonstration of the VX2’s capabilities. Features such as video analysis, club comparison and D-plane visualization are discussed.

Dennis McDonald pointing to data from a FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

FlightScope system takes swing analysis to next level

08 May 2013

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New article regarding FlightScope on (home of everything happening in Philadelphia) about how FlightScope is able to improve all golfers’ games.