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Logo of US Golf TV where Todd Kolb demonstrates how to use FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers to cut strokes.

Todd Kolb Advises the Average Golfer on How to Cut Strokes from Their Round

28 December 2015

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Todd Kolb, from US Golf TV, shows us how the average golfer can cut shots from their round by using FlightScope. He highlights two very basic fundamentals: knowing how far you hit each club and what your tendency is (left or right).

US Golf TV – Understanding Angle of Attack

22 September 2015

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Todd Kolb explains not only what angle of attack is, but also shows us how it should differ from club to club and shot to shot.

PGA Professional Todd Kolb showing how he maximizes the FlightScope X2 Elite launch monitor's portability in his lessons.

FlightScope on US Golf TV

23 June 2015

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In this video PGA Teaching Professional, Todd Kolb, demonstrates how he utilizes the X2 Elite’s portability in his lessons. He uses his launch monitor on the golf course when his students are playing to measure exactly what they are doing.