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FlightScope Video App: Revolutionizing The Video Experience

26 May 2017

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Video is a great way to analyze the golf swing and to learn how to correctly implement swing changes. While the FlightScope VX app allows for video analysis, up until now our apps did not allow for a fully customizable screen. With the release of the Video app, the user now has the ability to…

Video of Todd Kolb demonstrating how to use FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers to improve swing and maximize distance.

US Golf TV – Hitting a Draw with FlightScope

03 November 2015

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PGA Teaching Professional, Todd Kolb, shares tips on how to use FlightScope to constantly improve swing and maximize distance. By analyzing a golfer’s angle of attack, club path, and face to target, Todd can fully understand what’s happening right at the moment of impact. He shows golfers how to hit up on the driver to draw…

FlightScope talks about the FlightScope X2 Elite launch monitor's radar with Vision Research Phantom and Miro camera integration.

2015 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day

21 January 2015

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Par2Pro video about the new FlightScope x2 elite radar with Vision Research Phantom® Miro® camera integration which allows 10 000 frames per second video analysis. David Nel, FlightScope golf launch monitor application specialist, highlights some of the new x2 elite’s features.     FlightScope is the sponsor of the PGA Show application, available to download for Android…