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FlightScope Video App: Revolutionizing The Video Experience

26 May 2017

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Video is a great way to analyze the golf swing and to learn how to correctly implement swing changes. While the FlightScope VX app allows for video analysis, up until now our apps did not allow for a fully customizable screen. With the release of the Video app, the user now has the ability to…

FlightScope featured in Forbes magazine

07 October 2013

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The X2 golf radar was recentlly featured in an article called: “Technology Multiplies The Fun Factor In Sports — Golf Goes Mobile”. It notes FlightScope’s ability to do video swing analysis, show a player’s progress over time, directly measure their angle of attack and swing path. Please use the link below to read the full…

Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen discussing how a FlightScope launch monitor can be used to make swing adjustments.

Instructional video with Michael Jacobs, Rick Nielsen and a X2 golf launch monitor

30 April 2012

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Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor to illustrate exactly what “angle of attack”, “vertical swing plane” and “horizontal swing plane” is.

Logo of MyGolfSpy whose game stats were collected by a FlightScope golf launch monitor.

Nike Speed Trial: My results and observations

17 April 2012

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A member of writes about his experience with the Nike speed trials, on a FlightScope golf launch monitor, at his local golf center.

Poster for the Nike Golf Speed Trials where a FlightScope golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker was used.

The Nike speed trials, with FlightScope Golf launch monitors, are underway

16 April 2012

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The Speed Trials are underway in America. Players nationwide are putting their current clubs up against Nike’s fastest lineup ever – the VR_S driver, fairway woods and hybrids – and the numbers speak for themselves. Attend a Speed Trial today and see what VR_S can do for your game.

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