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Your Driver Needs More Loft! – Golf Driver Tip with Matt Diederichs

24 February 2012

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In this video Matt Diederichs uses FlightScope’s online trajectory opimizer to clarify his opinion on the effect loft has on a drive.


Lake Presidential has a new FlightScope golf launch monitor

17 February 2012

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Lake Presidential’s Indoor/Outdoor Learning Center, situated in Maryland, utilizes the latest technology paired with expert instructors/evaluators to improve your game or help you start playing!


Mark Tee Golf has a FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor

16 February 2012

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Mark Tee Golf, situated in Hampshire at the Hayling Golf Club, uses their FlightScope as a club fitting and golf training tool.


Enhance your group program, at Pebble Beach Golf Academy, with FlightScope

13 February 2012

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Pebble Beach Golf Academy proudly utilizes FlightScope’s X-Series 3D club and ball tracking equipment. FlightScope golf launch monitors provide insight into club head speed, club path, vertical and horizontal swing plane, carry distance, total distance, shot height, flight time, ball spin and more.

Photo of the The Butch Harmon Floridian which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for club fitting.

The Butch Harmon Floridian uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor

08 February 2012

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It features a Titleist fitting experience, including a FlightScope X2, designed for the best players in the world and available to members and guests.

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