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Ultimate Performance at Brian Connors House of Golf

12 December 2008
For the last twenty years, House of Golf, set in the 240 acres that is The Manchester Golf Club, has led the way in golf retail in the North West of England. Quality product, keen pricing and extraordinary customer service have made House of Golf the favourite choice for serious golfers, catering to everyone from beginners to European Tour players, including Nick Dougherty.

The state-of-the-art Golf Performance Centre, which allows amateurs to take their game to a professional level, recently has benefited from the addition of the FlightScope Kudu Indoor/ Outdoor Flight Monitor. The system has been installed within a newly renovated purpose-built golf studio and runs simultaneously with V1 Golf video analysis on 2 plasma screens using FlightScope extended display functionality.

After 4 months of daily use, the system certainly is earning its keep. Brian Connor believes the investment has been worth every penny: “I have been very pleased with FlightScope. We spent a lot of time evaluating all the options available on the market and chose FlightScope due to its reliability and accuracy in an indoor environment.”

Read more about the Golf Performance centre: www.golfperformancecentre.co.uk