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Using the FlightScope Skills App

20 September 2016
The FlightScope Skills app is designed to allow the user to customize their own challenges based on specific areas of their game they would like to improve. FlightScope Skills allows teachers/coaches to benchmark their players, and have an overall statistical report of the player’s strengths and weaknesses. With increased practice on specific problem areas, the player will be able to sharpen their skills and increase the proximity to intended targets at various distances. FlightScope Skills brings feel back to the game! The FlightScope Skills app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft store. For assistance on how to download the application or how to connect FlightScope Skills to your mobile device/PC, please contact our Support Team at 407-412-9400 or support@flightscope.com.   *Before starting any session please ensure that the device settings are set correctly and that the FlightScope unit is properly aligned to the intended target line. If assistance is required, please contact FlightScope Support.*   Let’s look at how this application can help you improve your game. Open the FlightScope Skills app and select “Skills Assessment.” blog-1 In the “Skills Assessment” menu you will have several options. You can play a FlightScope Combine, Quick Play, or even Build a Custom Game. blog-1 Select the option to build a custom game. Name your “Challenge”, select the amount of targets, apply a “Mercy Timer” (if needed), and even change the “Terrain Type.” blog-1 There are four types of targets that you can create: Circular, Radial, Fairway Grid Carry, and Fairway Grid Total. The app gives you the ability to customize those targets to different yardages, as well as different sizes. blog-1 blog-1 blog-1 blog-1 Once your challenge is created you are ready to play. These challenges can be published to MyFlightScope.com so the entire world can play your challenge. You may also keep it private, but all your challenges will still be added to your MyFlightScope.com account. On MyFlightScope.com you can download any public challenge to your device and play against anyone in the world while being ranked on a live leaderboard. Please check out MyFlightScope.com for a list of public challenges. At the end of your challenge you will be given a list of results. From the short game stats to your driving distance and accuracy, you will now have the analytics to empower your game to the next level. blog-1 If your goal is total game improvement, don't wait any longer. The FlightScope Skills app can help you reach your improvement goals. Download the app, connect your unit, and whether you're indoors or outdoors, let's Master Your Passion!