Video encouraging FlightScope users to join the MyFlightScope community to track their progress, review challenges, and check rankings.

Analyze Your Game with

Take your golfing experience to the next level by joining the MyFlightScope community. Track your progress, review Skills and Combine Challenges, or track your rankings on the live leaderboards. will allow you to connect with fellow golfers, share your success and stats with friends, compare your results with golfers around the world and more!

Photo of the FlightScope X2 Elite launch monitor / golf ball tracker that the new radar design of which has resulted in better accuracy.

x2 elite General Improvements

The FlightScope x2 elite launch monitor has several improvements that make the unit state of the art. Improvements include a more robust handle and auto leveling feet, built in wireless Boresight camera, improved accuracy and more.

PGA Teaching Professional Peter Finch showing how FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers can help improve shot accuracy.

Should You Hit Down with a Fairway Wood?

Peter Finch demonstrates, on his FlightScope X2 launch monitor, how hitting down and generating a negative angle of attack with a 3 wood can increase the accuracy of one’s shots.

FGAcademy's Filip Goovaerts explains how to use a FlightScope X2 launch monitor / golf ball tracker to hit the ball farther with a driver.

How to Hit it Longer with Your Driver

Filip Goovaerts from FGAcademy explains how to hit the ball farther with a driver while using a FlightScope X2 launch monitor. The data shows that by hitting upward on the ball, spin rate is decreased and angle of attack is increased which results in increased distance.

Video of Trent Wearner explaining the benefits of using the FlightScope X2 launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

3 Benefits of FlightScope

Trent Wearner, from Trent Wearner Golf Academy in Colorado, explains three benefits of using the FlightScope X2 launch monitor. The benefits include immediate, concrete data, the data given for speciality shots and how it provides students with a competitive mode to practice.

WLD Champion Joe Miller explains how he uses his FlightScope X2 launch monitor / golf ball tracker for lessons and personal practice.

FlightScope Studio: Joe Miller on FlightScope

Joe Miller explains how he uses his FlightScope X2 launch monitor daily during his lessons and personal practice. As a ReMax World Long Drive Champion, Miller’s main focus is on hitting the ball farther and living by the motto “Hit it high, let it fly”. Watch to see his ideal angle of attack, ball speed,…

Photo promoting the features of the FlightScope Xi launch monitor / golf ball tracker with the integrated Phantom high-speed camera.

FlightScope and Phantom Integration Video

Unlike anything else, the FlightScope-Phantom integration provides actual, high definition video that relates the movement of body, shaft and club to radar metrics, and all of this at several thousand frames a second.

Photo of the MeandMyGolf Team performing another challenge on a FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

MEANDMYGOLF does a Happy Gilmore Challenge on a FlightScope

The MEANDMYGOLF team perform another challenge for their Commonwealth games on a FlightScope golf launch monitor. This time they do the Happy Gilmore and run up to the tee before hitting their driver shots. Click here to watch their first challenge in which they use the “hammer” method to hit their shots.

Sample photo of a FlightScope Professional Certification

FlightScope Certification

A video outlining the different levels of certification FlightScope has to offer. Operator, Professional and Master accreditation are discussed.

Photo of the FlightScope Academy team teaching how to maximize the FlightScope launch monitors' features.

FlightScope Academy

The FlightScope Academy has been established to provide a forum to educate both FlightScope customers and golf professionals around the world in the use and benefits of the 3D Doppler tracking technology, when used in teaching and fitting.

Photo of the FlightScope Troubleshooter which helps FlightScope technicians fix FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker issues.

FlightScope Troubleshooter

A short tutorial video on how to use the FlightScope Troubleshooter which helps our support technicians to easily identify and resolve issues.

Video of FlightScope user Rob Strano demonstrating how to use FlightScope launch monitors to fix common swing problems.

Tales from the Tour, Part 1

Former tour Player, Rob Strano, uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor with an integrated BodiTrak pressure mat in this video. He demonstrates how he fixed a commononplace swing problem for a player he once played with.

FlightScope Optimizer

A video demonstration of the Driver Optimizer feature available in our Xi+, VX2 and PC software. The Driver Optimizer is designed to maximize the distance on driver shots. Through manipulating smash factor, vertical launch and backspin numbers the user is able to see which changes will have the most impact. This makes it a great…

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