Club Gapping with Mevo: Filling the Gaps

As you get more comfortable with dialing in your distances, you’ll be able to take your club gapping to the next level – which entails filling the gaps.

On the golf course, it’s virtually impossible to get a perfect distance every time. The reality is that you’ll often get those awkward in-between distances, where you’re stuck between an 8-iron and a 9-iron, for example.

So, in order to take your game to the next level, you should learn how to hit different shots with the same club. I like to view it as bolstering your arsenal, and it’s something that will provide you with many more options on the course – rather than having to hit a full shot every time and hoping you get the distance right.

Variety is key

Take the three shots I hit below with an 8-iron as an example;

Mevo, FS Golf

These shots were all decent strikes. The reason there are noticeable differences is because each of them was a different type of shot.

The first shot was what I would call a ‘chippy’ 8-iron. In order to hit this shot, I narrowed my stance to that of a chip shot and gripped the club almost at the bottom of the grip. In terms of the swing, I mainly felt like I used my upper body.

I’ve been working on my distances for years, so I know this shot typically has a lower ball flight, less spin and goes around 140 yards.

The second shot is what I would call a knockdown. The only differences with the knockdown and my full-swing are that I grip the club about halfway down the grip and swing slightly slower. I know this shot will go around five meters less than a full 8-iron, have a slightly lower ball flight and I usually find it easier to control.

The final shot is a standard full 8-iron. It will typically have the highest ball flight of the three, go the furthest (depending on conditions) and have the most spin.

Finding what works for you

While I’m using my Mevo I will always practice these three shots – the ‘chippy’ shot, the knockdown and the full shot – with all my irons and wedges. I feel the variation allows me to be more precise with my distances and ultimately helps me save shots out on the course.

Admittedly, my three shot system might not work for you. So, I think the best thing you can do is to experiment using your Mevo. Change your stance, grip the club lower down, swing slower – and see what effect certain things have on your data.

At the end of the day, it’s all about shooting lower scores and improving your game by using your performance data. And in time, if you’re able to find a way to hit those challenging in-between shots and give yourself options to suit any situation on the golf course – that’s exactly what you will do.