SHIELD Plan Terms & Conditions

SHIELD Plan Terms & Conditions

Updated: October 10, 2023


These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) apply to the FlightScope Shield product offered by FlightScope Golf LLC (“FS”), purchased by a FS customer (“Customer“).



Customer means a person who has purchased a FlightScope Shield subscription for a Product

Product means a FlightScope product

Subscription means a subscription by a Customer for FlightScope Shield

When purchasing a new FS product, Customer receives a standard 12-month limited warranty against material and workmanship defects. The Customer may also subscribe to FlightScope Shield which provides additional premium coverage against failures and downtime.

The FlightScope Shield subscription allows the Customer to receive premium service and free repairs including free incoming and outgoing shipping (standard/ground shipping).

Certain limitations and exclusions also apply to the FlightScope Shield subscription. These are detailed in the terms below.


Terms and Conditions

1. A Subscription must be purchased in the same country that the corresponding Product was originally purchased.

2. FlightScope Shield is available only in the following countries, regions and territories:

a. Contiguous United States of America

3. Customers in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and remote US Territories may purchase a FlightScope Shield subscription but subject to limitation on free inbound and outbound shipping costs

4. A Subscription must be purchased before an event or failure leading to a FlightScope Shield claim. To prevent claims from pre-existing problems, a 30 day waiting period will apply on new subscriptions before the Shield becomes effective.

5. A subscription period is 12 months.

6. Subscriptions are payable in advance.

7. Subscriptions are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

8. Subscriptions are transferable upon resale of the product.

9. Subscriptions may be purchased at any time starting from the date of purchase.

10. FlightScope Shield can be purchased at different times and rates:

a. with the Product.
b. during Warranty or post Warranty.
c. discounted rates will only be valid for multiple years if subscriptions are uninterrupted.

11. Subscription Limitations:

a. Subscriptions are limited to a maximum of 36 months after the original purchase date of the related FS product.
b. FlightScope Shield shall be deemed valid and binding upon FS if and only if:
i. The Customer has purchased and fully paid for a Subscription;
ii. The FlightScope Shield subscription has not expired;
iii. The Customer has not exhausted his claim limits (see “11. Limitations to Claims” below).

12. Limitations to claims

a. Number of claims: FlightScope Shield will allow the Customer unlimited free repairs.
b. Faults and conditions that are covered:
i. Faulty materials and/or manufacturing defects
ii. Failures arising from normal use of the Product, including
1. Accidental Ball or Club impact damage
2. Accidental damage due to bumps or low drops
3. Flooding of premises where the Product was used
c. Items that are covered:
i. Sensor units
ii. Accessories, as follows (if applicable):
1. Power supply/adapter
2. USB cables
3. Protective case
4. Angle guide
d. Items that are not covered:
i. Batteries
ii. Consumable and disposable items, including metallic stickers, printed materials, and packaging materials
iii. Third party accessories (e.g. selfie sticks)
e. Failures that are not covered:
i. Theft, Loss, or Damage due to negligence or vandalism;
ii. Extreme temperatures, fire, or liquid immersion (except flooding of the place where the product is used);
iii. Damage by vehicles;
iv. Damage due to tampering or unauthorized opening and/or servicing of the product,
v. Damage during or resulting from use in a manner for which the product was not intended or designed.

13. If the Customer does not qualify to purchase FlightScope Shield or FS is unable to offer the FlightScope Shield service, FS has the right to cancel the order and notify and reimburse the Customer for payments received as soon as possible after the order has been canceled.

14. To claim under the FlightScope Shield the Customer must contact FS Support by phone at (USA) 407-412-9400 or by e-mail to as soon as a problem is discovered. FS Support will attempt to resolve the issue before taking the next FlightScope Shield steps. Failing immediate resolution Customer will be offered the “Free Repair” option, under which Customer may return the Product for free repair with free standard/ground shipping both ways.

FS Support will provide a Case Number and instructions to be followed, as well as shipping vouchers or shipping labels as applicable.

15. Under the Free Repair option, FS will recover, assess, remedy and return the product to Customer as soon as practically possible, on a “best effort” basis.

16. If under the Free Repair option FS finds the cause of failure to be not covered by these T’&C’s, FS will inform Customer that a FlightScope Shield claim is not allowed and provide a quotation to repair the returned Product including shipping costs both ways. If the Customer accepts the quote, FS will repair the Product, and return it once paid for. The current FlightScope Shield subscription will remain unaffected.

17. If the Customer does not perform his/her obligations under these T&Cs such as failing to pay any due amounts or failing to return products to FS, FS reserves the right to all remedies available to it under applicable law including but not limited to:

a. Canceling FlightScope Shield and revoking any rights the Customer has or had under the subscription;
b. Selling or otherwise disposing of customer property to defray losses that FS may have suffered.

18. FS reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion from time to time without direct notice to the individual, but will include such changes in the published Shield Terms and Conditions. These changes will not be retroactive and will not affect existing FlightScope Shield subscriptions.