Certified Instructional Organizations:

Medicus logo


The Medicus Learning System is dedicated to assisting golfers of all ages. "Master the Basics" of golf through a consistent process of education, training and practice. We've always heard that "practice makes perfect." The Medicus Learning System was developed to provide the immediate feedback needed to practice and play with confidence, resulting in long term positive results on the golf course.

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Plane Truth

The sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a correct repetitive impact. The method employed is of no significance as long as it is correct and repetitive. - John Jacobs

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Stack & Tilt

Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer were recently named as a Top 100 Instructor for Golf Magazine in America! The goal of the system is to present golf as a progressive set of workable challenges to the beginning players while also being broad enough to differentiate the smallest variations on the champion player.

Club Fitting Organizations:

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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals is a professional peer group organization for club fitters and club builders whose purpose is twofold: 1) To further the education of professional golf club fitters and club makers in the science and art of custom club fitting and custom clubmaking, and 2) To promote the benefits of custom golf club fitting and custom golf clubs to the general public.

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International Clubmakers Guild

Founded October 2008, the International Clubmakers Guild® (ICG) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization designed to service golf clubmakers, club fitters, club repairmen, PGA Professionals, swing teachers, suppliers, equipment designers, engineers, and scientists from every aspect of the golf industry.


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Golf Simulators - Virtual Golf Simulators with Swing Analysis & Driving Range for your Home - Over 85 Courses

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Swing Catalyst, a revolutionary new technological system for golf training which integrates the unique Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate/Balance Plate, multiple high speed cameras, and ball tracking devices.

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Swing Labs offers solutions for golf retailers, professionals, coaches, and fitters designed to assist in providing a superior service to the golf consumer, and aid in the pursuit of helping golfers improve their games, optimize their potential, and derive greater satisfaction from the sport for which they have a passion.

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SwingView Pro

Swing Technologies provides the latest technology in swing analysis software for golf and other sports. SwingView Pro TM is a suite of feature rich, easy to use and, most importantly, affordable motion capture and analysis programs. It supports the latest laptops and computers including Vista. SwingView Pro was designed for pros by pros to provide a comprehensive software suite for video analysis.

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BodiTrak Sports

BodiTrak Sports is a leading-edge athletic equipment company. We seek to empower athletes with new ways of collecting and analyzing data to improve their results. We are focused on helping you understand how your body interacts and uses the ground. Our sensor technology provides unique data, and we (with our team of advisors) work to make that data insightful for you. An athlete's interaction with the ground is critical for maintaining balance and generating power. We give you a window into what happens and how to improve.

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The Hacker's Paradise

The Hackers Paradise (THP) is an all-encompassing golf media company with a focus on the golf lifestyle. THP reaches consumers via our homepage, discussion forum, podcasts, digital newsletter and Tour Van events. The goal of THP is to bring content to the public that rips through the marketing and bridges the gap between companies and consumers. THP the website is the number one website for golf enthusiasts that are looking for unbiased reviews, TOUR coverage, and a place to call home in our forum. With weekly contests, yearly golf outings with multi-brand demo days, and multiple Tour Van events throughout the year, THP goes above and beyond to reach its readers and bring the golf industry and consumers closer together.


Swinguru Pro is a revolutionary all-in-one and markerless golf swing analysis solution, helping coaches improve their students and empowering players to get better. Simply take a swing and Swinguru Pro automatically and instantaneously provides you with an in depth 2D and 3D golf swing analysis, including 25+ body metrics on balance, rotation, bend, tilt, flex, lateral and vertical moves.

Nonprofit Organizations:

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The American Junior Golf Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf.

PGA Sections:

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PGA North Florida

The North Florida PGA (NFPGA) is a group of approximately 1,500 PGA Members and Apprentices, serving the needs of the golfers of North Florida. It is a not-for-profit service organization founded in 1979 and one of the 41 Sections that make up the PGA of America. Founded in 1916, the PGA of America has grown into the world’s largest working sports organization with more than 27,000 Members and Apprentices. The North Florida Section is the fourth largest in the PGA, geographically comprised of the 42 counties from Tallahassee to Jacksonville in the north, and North Port to Melbourne in the south. The mission of the North Florida Section PGA is to promote the enjoyment and involvement in the game of golf and to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals and the golf industry. The North Florida Section PGA accomplishes this mission by enhancing the skills of its professionals and the opportunities for amateurs, employers, manufacturers, employees, and the general public. In so doing, the North Florida Section PGA elevates the standards of the professional golfer’s vocation, enhances the economic well-being of the individual member, stimulates interest in the game of golf, and promotes the overall vitality of the game.
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The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Membership was established in 1959 as an outgrowth of the LPGA Tour membership and has enjoyed an unprecedented rate of growth in recent years. The LPGA boasts the largest membership of women golf professionals in the world. With more than 1,500 members, the LPGA T&CP membership is dedicated to the advancement of golf through teaching, managing golf facilities and coaching.

Shipping Fulfillment:

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SI Fulfillment offers end-to-end solutions to businesses of any size and range of fulfillment complexity. Lean process and a technology-driven approach give customers the freedom to manage, plan and grow their businesses.