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  What data parameters does Mevo+ provide?

  Is there a yearly fee?

  What is included with my Mevo+ purchase?

  Does Mevo+ have a built-in camera?

  How is the video recorded?

  What mobile devices are compatible with Mevo+?

  If I buy a used Mevo+, do I get the original E6 Connect courses?

  Can Mevo+ be used indoors and outdoors? How much space is needed?

  Where should the unit be placed?

  What is the size of Mevo+?

  Does Mevo+ have its own power source?

  Does Mevo+ work with iPad?

  Does Mevo+ work with Android?

  What simulation software is Mevo+ integrated with?

  Does Mevo+ have a combine feature?

  Does Face Impact Location have lighting requirements?



  What is included with a Mevo purchase?

  What data parameters does Mevo provide?

  Can Mevo be used indoors and outdoors and how much space is required?

  Where should Mevo be placed for best results?

  Does Mevo simulate ball flight?

  Does Mevo have a built-in camera? How is the video recorded?

  What is the size of a Mevo?

  Does Mevo have its own power source?

  How long does it take to reach a full charge?



  How do I turn my FlightScope unit on/off?

  What is the Annual Support Agreement?

  What mobile devices are compatible with FlightScope?

  What are the minimum PC requirements to run the latest FlightScope software?

  How do I get the new PC Software release?

  How do I know what version of DSP and AVR software my unit has?

  Updating of Firmware on X3

  Can I connect the X3 to my own software?

  Indoor Setup of Flightscope X3

  What is Fusion Tracking?

  Does the X3 come with Face Impact Location?

  What is the password for the X3 wifi?

  Does Face Impact Location have lighting requirements?

Purchase & Ownership

Purchase & Ownership

  Are Mevo and Mevo+ sold on any third-party websites?

  Is my purchase secure?

  What is the Mevo and Mevo+ warranty?

  What is the return policy?

  How long does my purchase take to ship?

  What are FlightScope quality assurance standards?

  What support do I have access to?

  What do I do if I want to buy/sell my Mevo or Mevo+?

Mobile Devices & Apps

Mobile Devices & Apps

  Where can I find the latest apps?

  What apps can I use with my Mevo?

  What apps can I use with my Mevo+?

  How much are the FlightScope apps?

  Can the apps do unit conversion?

  Can I input more than 14 clubs?

  Can the app accept the club loft of each club?

Hardware & Technology

Hardware & Technology

  Are Mevo and Mevo+ safe to use?

  What is the purpose of the metallic stickers for golf balls?

  Can metallic sharpies be used instead of stickers?

  Do Mevo and Mevo+ work when hitting into a net?

  Do Mevo and Mevo+ work in low light conditions?

  Are there any conditions that may affect performance of Mevo and Mevo+?

  Do Mevo and Mevo+ work with add-ons like FocusBand or BodiTrak?

Data & Accuracy

Data & Accuracy

  How does Mevo+ capture 3D ball tracking?

  How does Mevo+ capture 3D club tracking?

  How does Mevo+ capture spin measurment?

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