Getting the most out of your Mevo+ with FS Golf

Getting the most out of your Mevo+ with FS Golf

Cody Hansen

Having been a longtime user of the FlightScope Mevo, I recently made the switch to the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 edition. And in order to get the most out of this amazing device, I’ve been using it with the FS Golf app. 

It’s worth noting that I was already impressed by the FS Golf user experience when using it with my Mevo, but I found that pairing the accuracy and precision of the Mevo+ with an increased offering on the app takes things to a new level entirely. It is also available on PC for users that prefer a computer over a tablet or phone. 

The full experience

As with Mevo, once you have paired your Mevo+ to the FS Golf app you will be able to begin a full swing session, compete in a series of challenges and review your practice sessions. However, with Mevo+ there is also the ability to begin a swing training session, a chipping session and a putting session.

So, as well as getting the benefits of making your practice more purposeful and enjoyable, you are able to hone in every aspect of your game. And not only this, but the Mevo+ provides 20 data parameters as standard – including angle of attack, total distance and the ball’s lateral movement, among many others – so you are provided with all the data you need to analyze every shot.

Incredible precision

Thanks to FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology, I have found the Mevo+ to be extremely accurate both indoors and outdoors. The device easily picks up any slight mishit or deviation, and during my session it picked up all the different shot shapes I tried to hit – whether it was a high draw or a low punch shot. 

The Mevo+ even tells you exactly what type of shot you hit, such as a push draw, for example. This can then be reviewed at the end of your session. 

While hitting shots on the Mevo+, you will be able to see your shot in a tracer format from behind – similar to the kind you see when watching professional golf. I have found this to be particularly helpful when practicing indoors.

You are also able to follow the ball flight of each shot you hit, from takeoff to the shot landing and rolling out. I found it was almost like playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on PlayStation or Xbox, but in real life.

Taking club gapping to the max

Using the FS Golf app with Mevo+ allows you to take take your club gapping experience to the next level thanks to the data grouping feature, which allows you to group together all the shots you have hit during a session, or with one particular club, in order to get an accurate representation of your dispersion – both in terms of distance and accuracy. 

And if you couple this feature with the tracer format from behind and the 20 data parameters on offer, you get a true sense of your consistency, as well as the areas where you may need to improve.

A game-changing device

Ultimately, I’ve found that using the Mevo+ with FS Golf provides every golfer regardless of skill level with all the tools and data needed to improve – it’s simply about putting in the time and effort and making the most of the incredible technology on offer.

If you feel that the Mevo+ is providing incorrect or inconsistent information, I would recommend double checking that you have set up the device correctly. For example, I felt I was getting some incorrect readings while using a driver during a full swing session on the driving range. However, I noticed that I did not adjust the tee height to account for the fact that the ball was teed up. As soon as I rectified this, the device was spot on.

Finally, we’re not all PGA professionals. So, if you are unsure what any of the data you’re provided with actually means, I would recommend looking at the ‘Data Parameters’ section on the FlightScope website, which can be accessed by clicking here

It is also assuring to know that I can also purchase an optional Pro Package add-on that provides an additional 11 data parameters, including the complete D-plane dataset.