Making the move to Mevo+: Purchase and Unboxing

Making the move to Mevo+: Purchase and Unboxing

Cody Hansen

In 2019, fueled by a desire to get better at golf, I purchased a FlightScope Mevo demo model. It was the first launch monitor I had ever used outside a golf shop, and for the last four years I have used it to dial in my distances.

Yet, the Mevo is the entry-level radar in the FlightScope range. And although it remains a fantastic tool for club gapping, it is incredibly accurate, and the offering has been greatly improved by the addition to the FS Golf App – it is an entry level launch monitor and only measures eight data parameters.

So, after seeing the incredible reviews for the 2023 FlightScope Mevo+ and in search of more data, I decided to take the plunge. 

By the numbers

There’s no question that at $2 200, the Mevo+ is a bigger investment compared to the Mevo, but considering it can genuinely compete with products that go for over 10x the price – I have definitely found it worthwhile. 

It’s worth mentioning that if you trade-in your old Mevo and upgrade to a Mevo+ 2023 edition, you will receive a $300 credit towards your purchase – which drops the price to $1 899. If you don’t have a Mevo to trade in, keep an eye out for specials FlightScope runs throughout the year. 

And if you consider the fact that the standard Mevo+ comes with; 20 data parameters; a free subscription to TruGolf E6 Connect – which includes ownership of 10 simulated golf courses and 17 driving ranges on iOS and PC, and no annual subscription fees – you are provided with incredible value for money straight out of the box.

Unboxing experience

When my Mevo+ arrived, FlightScope’s professionalism and craftsmanship was immediately evident. 

The box includes multiple layers of protection to guard against any possible bumps and scratches during the delivery process, while everything you need is neatly packed inside a zipped case, similar to the kind that carry rangefinders. 

Although the Mevo+ is bigger than the Mevo, it retains the portability of the Mevo and can also be used indoors and outdoors. The device is not quite going to fit into your pocket, but the case – which carries the radar, all user manuals, the aluminum stickers, the charging point and the USB cable – can easily fit into the larger pocket of your golf bag. It is also an ideal size to fit into a backpack or duffel bag for travel purposes.

To read about how to set up your Mevo+, click here.