Mevo+ Status Lights Explained

Each FlightScope Mevo+ has a set of six lights on the front of the radar.

Four of these lights display the battery level of the radar in 25% increments. These will turn off from right to left as your battery depletes. When your battery is getting critically low, the farthest left battery light will flash red.

The other two lights display the Connection Status and Radar Status – which light up in various combinations when the unit is powered on.

Here’s a breakdown of what the different status lights mean:

Connection Status

The connection status light is the first of the six lights which appear on the Mevo+. It has three color combinations:

  • Blue Light: Unit is ready.
  • Green Light: Unit is connected and ready for use.
  • Yellow Light: Communication error.

  • System Status

    The system status light is the second of the six lights which appear on the Mevo+. It has a variety of colors and combinations:

    Blue Light:

  • Solid Blue Light: The unit is in sleep mode.
  • Flashing Blue Light: The unit is switching on.

  • Green Light:

    The unit is in standby mode.

    Blue and Green Light:

  • Flashing Blue and Green Light: The unit is starting up (this takes between 30-60 seconds).

  • Red Light:

  • Solid Red Light: The unit is armed and ready to measure.
  • Flashing Red Light: The unit’s battery is empty.

  • White Light:

    The unit triggered, meaning it knows either a ball was hit or a swing was made and is busy tracking.

    Yellow Light:

  • Flashing Yellow Light: There has been a firmware error. Contact FlightScope Support if this happens.

  • Blue and Yellow Light:

  • Flashing Blue and Yellow Light: The unit is shutting down (this takes between 15-30 seconds).