FlightScope PC Software enables you to analyze every single aspect of your swing with military precision, allowing you to compete with the best. Whether you are a PGA Professional, golf instructor or club fitter, one word describes why you need FlightScope Software - instrumental. No other tool in the industry is as valuable for teaching, club fitting, player education, and golf equipment sales.

Pc Software v11.0.3

FlightScope Software v11.0.20

Download your PC Software v11.0.20 free 10-day trial here

After your 10 days, you will need to contact FlightScope Support to purchase and activate your new software. Please contact our support staff if any assistance is needed.
Screenshot showing the FlightScope PC software's side-by-side video analysis feature.

Video Analysis

Side-by-side video analysis with the ability to draw on the video.

Photo showing the integration between the FlightScope PC software and FocusBand.

FocusBand Integration

Get detailed analysis of your mental state from setup through impact side-by-side with your swing and ball flight data

Screenshot showing the FlightScope PC software in full screen mode.

Fullscreen Mode

FlightScope's version 11 PC software runs in fullscreen mode

Screenshot showing the FlightScope PC software's indoor mode feature.

Short Indoor Mode

FlightScope launch monitors can now be used in as little as 16ft of space

Screenshot showing how to use the MyFlightScope Integration function of the FlightScope PC Software to track your progress.

MyFlightScope Integration

Track your progress, review Skills and Combine Challenges, or track your rankings on the live leaderboards.

Screenshot showing data from the BodiTrak Pressure Mat, a weight shift and center of pressure capture tool.

BodiTrak Pressure Mat

Capture a golfer's weight shift and center of pressure

Photo showing the Shot Groupings function of the FlightScope PC software.

Shot Groupings

Compare shot dispersions of different clubs on one easy-to-read screen

Absolute comparison

How much or how little you want to analyze is up to you.

Club Comparison

Club Comparison

Compare specific clubs in your bag with average club performance stats included

Player Comparison

Player Comparison

Individual player results can be tracked and compared

Ball Comparison

Ball Comparison

Compare comparison-title to find the most suitable ball

PC Requirements

Intel i5 Processor
Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent
(Dedicated GPU with DirectX 12 Support)
Windows 10 64-bit
Internet Connection
Internal 5Ghz WiFi card (dongle not supported)

Quick game improvement

Perfect specific aspects of your game in these session-type modes.

Chipping Mode

Chipping Mode

Practice and measure slow and short distance shots min distance = 12ft

Quick Play

Quick Play

Free play of shots without the need to setup a complete session

Swing Training

Swing Training

Perfect your swing without having to hit balls