Flightscope Video App New Features 2018:

Club and Ball trace visualization/full D-plane wedge data are now available within the Video App!

A fully customizable interface combining data and video on one screen. Enjoy custom lesson recordings with access to a variety of drawing tools and screencast with voiceover.


Photo showing Flightscope's video app's golf ball and club trace feature

Data & Video Combined

*Now featuring: Ball & Club Trace on review video!Data, video, pressure shift, and mental training for an all-in-one solution.

Customizable Interface

Now featuring: Precise Wedge D-plane Data to optimize every wedge in the bag! (available only with X3)Choose from a variety of data and video screen combinations to display during each lesson. From speed/acceleration profiles and trajectory to multiple camera views, you are in control of the focus of each swing.
Flightscope's X3 launch monitor showing D-plane data for wedge shots
Photo showing the Flightscope video app's drawing tools for lesson recording

Lesson Recording

Access a variety of drawing tools and screencast with voiceover to provide instant, shareable, visual and audible feedback to students after each lesson.