Flightscope user Mitchell Dobbyn sharing how he uses Flightscope launch monitors to improve his game

Mitchell Dobbyn

01 November 2016

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I have only owned my FlightScope for a little over 4 months and I am absolutely amazed with the results. I now have a device that tells me exactly what I’m doing, and exactly how my ball is flying. In Long Drive you have to optimize your ball flight. With FlightScope, I have learned the…

Flightscope X2 user Alex Kane shares his experience with Flightscope's customer support

Alex Kane

31 October 2016

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I am a proud owner of a Flightscope X2, and I would like to tell you about my experience with the customer support team at Flightscope. Yesterday, I was getting an error message on both of my iPad apps, FS Skills and VX, telling me they weren’t recognizing the FS Unit. I decided to “back…

FlightScope customer Anthony Gourley giving a testimonial for the FlightScope launch monitor.

Anthony Gourley

29 February 2016

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My daughter is the one who uses FlightScope. She plays at international level and is coached at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy by Andrew Nicholson, who is one of the top instructors here in Europe. We’ve found our FlightScope launch monitor to be excellent. The feedback it provides allows her to work on drills at…

GolfBalled.Com's Co-founder and FlightScope Xi Tour user Corey Kasif.

Corey Kasif

10 July 2015

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Our annual segment called Club Wars wouldn’t be made possible without our FlightScope Xi Tour. I am able to track and manage swing data of multiple testers with ease. Not to mention it’s compact, light and super easy to set up anywhere.

World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller giving a testimonial for FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Joe Miller

20 March 2015

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FlightScope is an essential piece of equipment, which assists me in optimizing my ball flight and maximizing distance. It allows me to focus on all facets to fine tune my angle of attack and spin rates, which obviously equates to reaching the distances I need to remain competitive and successful. FlightScope provides me the confidence…

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