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Record. Analyze. Improve.

Leap to the next level with Swing Catalyst - the most user-friendly and powerful video analysis software in golf.



Praised by top coaches around the world, Swing Catalyst is the preferred video analysis software, offering all the tools you need to fine-tune the golf swing.


Analyze Every Movement

At the heart of the Home Edition software is the ability to record video from up to two cameras and trigger recordings with a launch monitor.

The Home Edition captures essential club and ball data, which is displayed in data boxes for each take. All the data is stored in a single
swing file.
• Store, organize, rate and filter your recordings
• Automatic swing recording
• Foresight Sports and Flightscope integration
• Record high-speed video
• Live video capabilities
• Advanced video analysis suite



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Designed for Use with Mevo+

Use Home Edition with your Mevo+ launch monitor for the most accurate practice and coaching experience. By pairing your Mevo+ with
Swing Catalyst, you will receive in-depth data and video analysis readily available in one place.
• Automated recording: The launch monitor triggers swing recordings in Swing Catalyst automatically, saving you the hassle of starting
and stopping the recording manually.
• Club and ball data: Swing Catalyst saves vital ball and club data with every unique video file. This data can be presented in data boxes
for each take and is useful for analyzing and improving your swing.
• Easier archive searching: Searching for specific swings in the archive becomes much easier with the club and ball data filtering.
• Easily compare swings: You can easily compare the launch monitor data of two different swings in Swing Catalyst's side-by-side
comparison view.