Golf Instruction

FlightScope® features include:
    • Easy and quick to set up
    • User-friendly software
    • World-renowned accuracy and precision
  • Rated by users as the best software for golf launch monitors by far
  • Durable and produced according to ISO9001:2008 international quality standards
  • Shot history is automatically stored and retrieved for comparison afterwards
  • Provides the most truly measured data elements in the industry today
  • Used by world-leading golf instructors and academies with great success and references

Why should a Golf Instructor use FlightScope?

FlightScope club- and ball-tracking data, in conjunction with simultaneous swing video, enable a golf instructor to explain more effectively than with swing video alone
  • Students experience a more rapid learning curve using FlightScope feedback, combined with swing video
  • FlightScope does not require a separate PC and can also be used via mobile applications
In golf instruction, the use of video swing analysis is well understood and widely used. It is common practice to compare a student's swing video to a reference player, often a PGA Tour Professional. Using video analysis alone provides visual feedback about the action for each player, but adding FlightScope club and ball tracking provides precise quantitative data of the club and ball travel as a result of the golf swing.
Watching the video comparison together with FlightScope data provides instantaneous feedback about the club and swing action as well as the outcome of the action. An instructor can provide much more effective guidance using FlightScope data together with swing video analysis, compared to using swing video analysis alone. It is now possible to run FlightScope on the same computer as most swing video analysis software by using an extended desktop technique. All that is required is the addition of a second PC monitor, together with the F11 toggle key that enables the FlightScope software to reside on the extended monitor. The FlightScope clubhead speed profile contains a wealth of information invaluable for golf instruction. As an example, when examining the comparison of the clubhead speed profiles of the two golfers in the graphs above, one can deduct the following: The rate of club acceleration for a PGA Tour Professional is much higher than that of McDermott, as the gradient of the clubhead speed graph is more steep in the case of the PGA Tour Professional. Furthermore, the horizontal angle of attack for McDermott is more from the inside than that of the PGA Tour Professional.
instruction-pro-speed instruction-mcdermott-speed