Megan Johnston Explains How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level With Mevo

Practice with purpose using the FlightScope Mevo – an accurate, portable, and affordable launch monitor that provides performance data you can trust.

Powered by 3D Doppler radar technology and priced at under $500, the Mevo is the entry level radar in the FlightScope range of products. It provides eight data parameters out of the box, including; carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor, launch angle, height and flight time.

Mevo can be used to improve your game on the range, on the course, and at home with video and data on every shot. Additionally, when you utilize the free FS Golf App, you will be able to train and improve your distance control, work on your club gapping, and compete in a series of challenges.

During the video below, Megan Johnston, a Class A Certified LPGA Golf Instructor, gives a brief overview of the Mevo, and explains how you can use it to take your practice to the next level: