MyGolfSpy Independent Testers take on the FlightScope Mevo+

MyGolfSpy recently selected three independent testers to put a range of FlightScope launch monitors and software add-ons to the test.

The testers started out with the FlightScope Mevo, then progressed to the FlightScope Mevo+, and finally added the optional Pro Package and Face Impact Location software add-ons to the Mevo+ for the full experience.

Their Mevo+ review deals with a variety of topics, including; the testers’ expectations, first impressions, the data that comes with the Mevo+ as standard, Pro Package and Face Impact Location, pro’s and cons of the Mevo+, and whether each tester would choose to ‘play or trade’ the Mevo+.

Ultimately, each tester opted to put the Mevo+ in play.

“Once you have the ability to digest numbers and how it affects your swing and ball flight, it makes you wonder how you ever improved before having the data. My plan is to continue utilizing the Mevo+. It helped me to improve my game and ultimately helped me get down to my goal of becoming a scratch golfer,” said MyGolfSpy independent tester Josh Parker.

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