Scott Hogan visits FlightScope at the 2023 PGA show

Scott Hogan from Scott Hogan Golf visited the FlightScope booth at this year's PGA show to have look at all the products available.

In the video, Alex Trujillo shows Scott the new Mevo+ 2023 Edition, talks about the new artificial reality feature and shows off the face impact functionality.

The new Mevo+ model has a more robust back leg. It opens up exactly to the 12 degree angle the launch monitor needs to perform at its optimal level. The new model also boasts an improved battery that will last up to three hours on a single charge.

Scott and Alex also discuss the recent Titleist Radar Capture Technology (RCT) ball integration which eliminates the need for metal stickers on the balls in indoor use.

The integration with the GSPro simulation software is also touched on.

The new Face Impact technology is showcased on the Mevo+ 2023 Edition. The launch monitor uses FlightScope patented fusion technology where it uses radar synchronized with camera to show the location of the ball impact on the face of the club.

Another major highlight of the video is the AR feature. Once the ball is hit, the trajectory of the ball can be seen through the iPad that was used. The trajectory is rendered in 3D space and it stays in place while you are moving around.

Have a look at the video to see all of these new features and more.