Club Gapping with the Mevo+

Professionals can tell you exactly how far they hit each club in the bag, but with amateur golfers it can often be a guessing game. Golf is a difficult game as is, but one thing completely within our control as golfers is knowing our distances. Most people might have a...

Let's Play Thru Reviews the FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition – “The best new launch monitor of 2024”

Gabe Aluisy, who runs the popular YouTube channel Lets Play Thru, recently reviewed the new FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition, which he called “the best new launch monitor of 2024”. The Mevo+ Limited Edition, powered by FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking Technology, comes fully loaded with Pro Package and Face Impact Location,...

Enhancing your golf game with the FlightScope Mevo+ Face Impact Location

I recently upgraded to a FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 edition, having previously used a Mevo since 2019. And in the few months since, it has given me an understanding of my golf swing like never before, while also completely changing the way I practice. Starting out with 20 data parameters straight...

Golf Channel Interview with Henri Johnson at 2024 PGA Show

Golf Channel’s Bailey Chamblee recently caught up with Henri Johnson, FlightScope Founder and CEO, on Demo Day at the 2024 PGA Show. During the interview, Johnson detailed some of FlightScope’s latest releases for 2024, including; The Mevo+ Limited Edition, which comes fully loaded with Pro Package and Face Impact Location,...

FlightScope to release Mevo+ Limited Edition, Badger AI and more at the 2024 PGA Show

ORLANDO, FL – FlightScope, the global leader and pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data, will mark its 20th consecutive appearance at the PGA Show with the release of the Mevo+ Limited Edition, Badger AI, the FlightScope Tracer, The FlightScope Planning Tool and the FlightScope Club Optimizer when the...

FlightScope set to celebrate its 20th Anniversary at the 2024 PGA Show

ORLANDO, FL – FlightScope, the global leader and pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data, is set to make its 20th appearance at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida from January 23-26, with a number of new releases planned to celebrate the occasion. Having first exhibited at the...

Larry Rinker on FlightScope's Value and Accuracy

FlightScope recently had the opportunity to spend time with Larry Rinker, a PGA Tour veteran and teaching professional who has been the Director of Instruction at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida since 2015. Rinker, who has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, competed in 525 PGA Tour events...

Mark Crossfield Reviews the FlightScope Mevo: “Absolutely impressive”

Mark Crossfield, a prominent golf coach, club fitter, and content creator with more than 25 years experience in the golf industry recently took a closer look at the FlightScope Mevo, a pocket-sized launch monitor known for its affordability and impressive features.

Using the FlightScope Mevo+ for Simulation

With over 20 data parameters, simulation compatibility, and patented Fusion Tracking technology, read more to find out why the FlightScope Mevo+ is a great addition to anyone's golfing experience.

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Mevo+ vs SkyTrak review by

In this video, compares the Mevo+ to a SkyTrak. An in-depth review is done by the host as he compares the two launch monitors by analyzing their setup, the environments they work in, budget needed, reliability and warranty, applications and software, data parameters, misses and delays. The reviewer works...

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FlightScope Announces Mevo Trade-In Program

FlightScope  announced today its Mevo Trade-in program presenting an upgrade opportunity for Mevo customers to upgrade to the Mevo+.

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FlightScope Mevo+ vs Trackman 4 review by

Sophie Walker from compares the Mevo+ and Trackman 4 side-by-side and talks about the results.

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