VX v3.0.3

30 November 2016

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Updates: Added estimated spin indicator (*) Added support for 64bit CPU General fixes and improvements

FlightScope user Bryson DeChambeau talks about how he uses Flightscope launch monitors with JumboMax Golf Grips to improve his game

Bryson DeChambeau Talks JumboMax Golf Grips & FlightScope

08 November 2016

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FlightScope user Bryson DeChambeau talks about how JumboMax Golf Grips have helped him advance in his golf career by allowing him to hit the ball farther and straighter with increased control. With the combination of JumboMax Grips and FlightScope, Bryson says that “FlightScope has helped him [me] perform at his [my] highest level.”

Flightscope Xi user Zach Allen demonstrates how to use Flightscope launch monitors to gain more distance

How Altering Wrist Conditions Can Give You More Distance

27 October 2016

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Zach Allen, Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America, uses his FlightScope Xi Tour launch monitor to demonstrate how altering the condition of the wrist in the downswing will help golfers get more distance.

VX v3.1.8

10 October 2016

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Updates: Updates for iOS 10

Todd Kolb demonstrating how Flightscope launch monitors can be used to conduct golf drills

U.S. Golf TV – Golf Drills Using FlightScope

19 September 2016

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In another segment of Teaching with Technology, Todd Kolb explains how drills can help golfers focus on key skills when they’re practicing on the driving range. By using FlightScope data to reinforce the recommended drills and swing technique, he demonstrates how using technology during lessons gives both the player and coach an advantage.

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